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The Heschel Shabbaton: Our Bodies in New Jersey, Hearts in Jerusalem
Georgia Bregman ‘26, Staff Writer • March 15, 2024

At the Heschel Shabbaton, Israel may have been five thousand miles to the East, but it couldn't have been closer to our hearts in the West. This year’s Shabbaton theme was Israel. The massacre of October 7th and the war in Gaza have been a constant...

Caught in the Middle of a Pro-Palestinian Protest
Georgia Bregman ‘26, Staff Writer • March 15, 2024

On Friday, Feb. 2, the pro-Palestinian organization Within Our Lifetime led a march from the Columbia University campus to 108th St. and Broadway.  Upon hearing loud screams and witnessing people running down the street, my family and I, who live...

Subway Crash Strands Students
Gila Lehon ‘26, Staff Writer • March 15, 2024
Heschel Needs to Start Caring More About Mincha
Simon Arenson ‘26, Staff Writer • March 15, 2024

One of Heschel’s key values is pluralism. If they want to live by this ideal, they must accommodate all types of Jews–Orthodox and Reform,...

Harvard’s President Resigned, but for the Wrong Reason
March 15, 2024

On Jan. 2, Claudine Gay, Harvard’s former President, resigned after only six months in office. While Harvard’s board claims the reason for...

Kanye’s Antisemitism Should Be the Least of Our Concerns
Tessa Mank ‘25, Opinions Editor • March 15, 2024

Prior to the recent spike in antisemitism following the events of Oct. 7, rapper Kanye West had made multiple antisemitic comments, among them...

Roosevelt HS Coach and Player Dismissed After Shouting Antisemitic Rhetoric at Leffell Opponents
Sylvia Zeltzer ‘24, Editor-in-Chief • March 15, 2024

A girls’ Varsity basketball game on Jan. 4 between the Leffell School in Hartsdale and Roosevelt High School in Yonkers ended after the third...

Spring Sports Preview
Sammy Fisher ‘25, Assistant Sports Editor • March 15, 2024
Travis Scott’s Circus Maximus Utopia Tour Takes Over the Rap World
Zachary Levy ‘26, Staff Writer • March 15, 2024

When Travis Scott’s album Astroworld, one of the most streamed albums on the planet at the time, lost to Cardi B’s album Invasion of Privacy...

Willy Wonka Returns and Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype
Eloise Bregman ‘25 and Georgia Bregman ‘26 March 15, 2024

Willy Wonka, starring Timothée Chalamet, depicts the origin story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Young Willy Wonka dreams of selling...

Who is Liable for the Influx of Preteens at Sephora?
Emily Borden ‘26, Avi Spanier ‘26, and Olivia Verbitsky ‘26 March 15, 2024

Sephora, a popular makeup and beauty supply store, has recently seen an influx of tweens and children under 10 shopping there. With no supervision,...

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